A truly global culture

Huawei headquarters may be located in China, but the company operates in 170 countries across all continents, and throughout its dynamic history it has embraced advice and guidance from all corners of the world.

Through its participative corporate culture, input from employees and partners of all nationalities shapes Huawei on a daily basis.

For instance, the US-based tech company IBM advised Huawei on its management system and has left a lasting imprint on Huawei’s working structure. Huawei could not have become a leading global ICT service provider without international expansion.

With an open mind, Huawei has developed a unique culture that combines both Western and Eastern characteristics. This, together with its core values, is the secret to its rapid growth.

Invaluable experiences come from operating internationally. Everywhere Huawei operates, it abides by the local laws. Huawei also observes the conventions of the United Nations.