Our core values

The essence of Huawei

Core values are driving Huawei forward. By providing employees with a clear direction and a sense of ownership, they are key to understanding the rise of Huawei in recent years and decades. 

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei puts it as follows: “The essence of Huawei’s culture can be described with one word: integrity. As our most valuable intangible asset, integrity is the key to our survival and the source of individual and corporate growth.” 

At Huawei, our customers always come first. Huawei can only exist thanks to its customers. 

Logically, customer centricity is the goal. We achieve this goal through inspiring dedication

Dedication can be achieved through perseverance, i.e. maintaining course when the going gets tough, and not losing sight of strategic objectives, even if short-term obstacles come along.

Growth by reflection refers to employing wisdom accumulated through experience (sharing) and thinking, positively impacting on the other core values.

As a truly international company, Huawei values openness as a key factor for continued success.

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