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We care about a strong and united Europe

The more one looks at the USA’s attempts to block the use of Huawei equipment in the western world’s 5G telecoms networks the more obvious it is that President Trump’s real motive is less about security but more about protectionism. Addressing the issue at the White House, President Trump insisted Huawei posed a national security risk and was “very dangerous”, but then hinted at a lifeline for Huawei adding that it was possible a deal with China could help Huawei’s situation. He spoke of opening the door to easing restrictions against Huawei, suggesting the company could be part of a wider trade deal between the US and China. “If we made a deal, I could imagine Huawei being possibly included in some form or some part of it,” President Trump said.

In mid-May, the US government added Huawei to a list of businesses barred from buying components from companies in the country. The US fears that Huawei uses its equipment to spy for the Chinese government are unfounded.
Indeed major European leaders have a different mindset from the US administration on Huawei. French President Emmanuel Macron said that France has no intention of launching a “trade or tech war.” And I quote him: “Our perspective is not to block Huawei or any company. We believe in cooperation and multilateralism.” Also, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated that – I quote: “For us, the security criteria are the decisive starting point in terms of deciding who will participate in the 5G deployment”.

Huawei cares about a strong and united Europe, and we are ready to work with the EU to roll out 5G the European way. There is a huge opportunity for Europe to be seized. The ICT revolution can work for Europe.  We at Huawei understand the security concerns of European governments and we are ready to go for the extra mile.

As the unparalleled leader in 5G, Huawei is ready and willing to engage with any government and come up with effective measures to ensure product security. Restricting Huawei from doing business will not make a country more secure or stronger; instead, this will only serve to limit the 5G networks to inferior yet more expensive alternatives, leaving them lagging behind in 5G deployment, and eventually harming the interests of companies and consumers.

We are pleased that Europe is coming out with its coordinated approach to 5G. The European Union has proved its capacity of bringing European countries together to develop some of the most advanced and comprehensive laws like GDPR. Europe should continue to drive that agenda forward. Huawei stands ready to work with the European Union. The EU should make decisions for the benefit of Europe and its citizens.