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Technology could be key to reviving the European project

In times where the European project is being tested and questioned, Huawei remains among the big fans of the European Union. Yes, Huawei loves the EU and loves operating here. Through its investments, Huawei is a strong contributor to a united and strong Europe. And through its cutting-edge technologies, our multinational ICT company stands ready to help Europe successfully navigate the unchartered oceans of digital transformation.

One example is in the field of connected cars: here, developing the standard defining how we will drive in the near future is one of the key tasks currently underway within the European Institutions. We at Huawei believe that it makes sense for Europe to opt for a future-proof technology. As in the past, the EU should choose first-class solutions and technologies that will ensure Europe will not voluntarily find itself playing in the second division in tomorrow’s world.

The technology revolution is fully underway: by 2025, there will probably be over 40 billion personal smart devices in the world. The key to connecting all those smart devices – including driverless cars - with each other is the next generation of mobile networks, 5G. Due to its consistently high investment into research and development in past years – 15% of our revenues flow into R&D annually – Huawei has positioned itself as a technology leader in 5G and also in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and the Cloud Business. 

Obviously we take cyber security very seriously. At Huawei, Cyber Security is part of our DNA. Early next year, we will open a Transparency Centre in Brussels, dedicated to Cyber Security and Privacy. This space will be a place for exhibition and experimentation on the possibilities offered by 5G in many areas such as connected cars or energy. We will be able to unravel the technicities behind the product so that it becomes understandable for customers and governments.

Before the end of the year, on 22 November, we look forward to host the Third Huawei Academia Salon in the Concert Noble. This year’s edition focuses on another key theme for Europe’s future, Artificial Intelligence. Huawei cooperates with over 150 universities and research institutes in Europe. We are an active player in the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and development programme.

And of course we have our own network of research centres in Europe: 18 in eight EU countries.

These research activities are not just an end to itself. Its results have a positive impact on the lives of Europe’s citizens. More than ever, Huawei shares the objective of the European institutions to bring real added value to citizens all across Europe. And more than ever is Huawei in a position to contribute: the technological revolution is probably Europe’s best opportunity to regain the support of Europe’s people for the European project.