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Safer Internet for Kids

Revealing interview by campaigner and ‘SmartBus’ partner Janice Richardson

Safe Internet campaigner Janice Richardson has partnered with Huawei’s innovative ‘SmartBus’ programme visiting European schools since the start of the present school year. Their aim – to help 11 to 15-year-olds learn how to become ‘smart’ online.

Schoolchildren face multiple threats online every day – from cyber bullying to public embarrassment, sextortion and fraud – serious problems they find difficult to speak about or report.

Janice took time out from her busy schedule to talk to Huawei’s blog about the threats facing children on the Internet and how technology can play a role in thwarting them.

Online safety is only a little about technology and a lot about behaviour, she explained. “Parents have a big role to play in helping children by sharing their life experiences.”

EU Safer Internet initiative

For a decade, Janice Richardson led the European Commission’s 31-country Safer Internet Network, working with policymakers and industry to design tools and legislation to counteract the risks and challenges arising in the digital world. During this period she created an eSafety label for schools, the youth-led WebWeWant publications and the ENABLE anti-bullying programme.

She is one of the founders of Safer Internet Day, celebrated in 150 countries worldwide.

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