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Our Core Values – the essence of Huawei

The essence of a company is reflected in its culture, core values, mission and vision.

Companies have measurable and quantifiable assets such as buildings, equipment, patents and technologies. These assets can be expressed in financial figures, but they do not express the company’s soul or reasons for existence.

The essence of a company is reflected in its culture, more specifically in its core values, mission and vision. These intangible assets form the backbone of all the activities that lead to product development and deployment.

At Huawei, we take the customer’s needs very seriously and this means that we put the customer first in everything we do. When a clear direction is accompanied by a strong and supporting set of values (and related behaviours), the employees take ownership and understand what to do and how to do it. In this sense, the core values are driving Huawei forward and are key to understanding the rise of Huawei in recent years and decades.

Integrity, the essence of Huawei

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei puts it as follows: “The essence of Huawei’s culture can be described with one word: integrity.

As our most valuable intangible asset, integrity is the key to our survival and the source of individual and corporate growth.”

At Huawei, our customers always come first. Huawei can only exist thanks to its customers.

Logically, Customer Centricity is the goal. We achieve this goal through Inspiring Dedication. Dedication can be achieved through Perseverance, i.e. maintaining course when the going gets tough, and not losing sight of strategic objectives, even if short-term obstacles come along. To Grow by Reflection then refers to employing wisdom accumulated through experience (sharing) and thinking, positively impacting on the other three core values.

As a truly international company, Huawei values openness as a key factor for continued success.

It boasts a unique culture that combines both Western and Eastern characteristics.

Huawei’s culture is like an onion with many layers; all representing different cultural elements that enable Huawei’s employees to make a real difference across the world. They are the essence of Huawei.