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The music of digital innovation

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Jacques Santer

Former President of the European Commission, Honorary President of European soloist orchestra SE

Progress in digital technology such as AI must be accompanied by universal values such as freedom, peace and humanity

Huawei’s European Innovation Day, held in Rome on 7 November, explored the connection between art, science and technology.

Huawei’s 2018 European Innovation Day, held on the 7th of November in Rome, focused not only on the digital era, but also on art.

As Honorary President of the Luxembourg-based European soloist orchestra SEL, I was delighted about this.

The event was not just about the future of digital innovation, but it also celebrated the 500th anniversary of the passing away of Leonardo da Vinci. Participants took great pleasure in discussing the connection between art, science and technology in one of the world’s great cultural capitals.

Rightly so, because those who study the history of great technologies will also discover the great power and influence of culture, and this is no more so than in the Old Continent, Europe.
Pioneering technologies, such as electricity in the past, or the leading technology of Artificial Intelligence in the present, were and are still unthinkable, futile even, unless values such as freedom, humanism, humanity and peace are established at the same time.

The Treaty of Rome

The foundation stone for the European Community was laid 61 years ago, also in Rome, and represents a political model of peace, social security and prosperity.

The official European anthem was written by Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the greatest composers of classical music. We will be celebrating his 250th anniversary in two years' time.

Classical music and art, classical music and liberal technologies - these are the foundations of humanity and can be an inspiration for any form of invention and innovation, as well as European togetherness, solidarity and growth.

The orchestra I am Honorary President of is, in fact, an ensemble made up of Europeans from the best orchestras in Europe, who have been meeting regularly in Luxembourg for more than 25 years for recitals, concerts and recordings. They also tour around Europe on a regular basis.
The musicians of the orchestra Solistes Européens, Luxembourg come from 19 European countries. They make music for the great European ideas. Let them also be an inspiration to the digital pioneers of the future.

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