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Five things I learned in China

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Kato Thibaut

Kato Thibaut


Seeds for the Future is a truly fitting name for the programme: the trip makes you grow as an engineer and as a person, and you are sure to benefit from it in the future. At least, I am certain that I will.

One day, when we were at the University of Beijing where we were taking Chinese classes, we went outside where a Chinese man was playing a game that we didn’t know. At that point, we’d only had two classes of Chinese. Still, we managed to communicate with him and we played the game together, counting our points – in Chinese. So although the trip lasts only two weeks, you learn a lot.
In addition to acquiring language skills, I discovered a new culture and new technology. I became more outgoing, learning to take initiative. My chopstick skills also greatly improved.
Because I was a team leader, the experience continued even after our return from China. I had the opportunity to meet Seeds for the Future participants from all over the world during a two-day event in Brussels, where we visited the European Parliament and attended a conference on how Europe can bring education and business together. Thanks to Huawei, I even met King Filip of Belgium!
Seeds for the Future is definitely a great learning experience, but it is so much more than that. My word of advice to any future participant would be to make the most of their journey: have fun, talk to people, network, discover the culture and enjoy. Because believe me, it will be over before you know it.