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Cybersecurity is a team sport

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John Suffolk

John Suffolk

Senior Vice President, Global Cyber Security & Privacy Officer (GSPO)

To be good at security and privacy, you need to partner with businesses, governments and citizens

At Huawei, we take great pride in helping the world to go digital, bringing value and benefits to citizens all around the world and to companies. 

But with this work of digitalization come responsibilities. 

Responsibilities to make sure that personal data is protected. 

Responsibilities to ensure that infrastructure are protected from cyberattacks. 

At Huawei we believe that this is a team sport. To be good at security and to be good at privacy you need to partner with businesses, with governments and with citizens. 

Collectively, we can make sure that our personal data and our infrastructure are safe and sound. But we also believe it’s hugely important to use a wide ecosystem of partners. 

No one single person in the world, no single company has all the answers to security.