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Cybersecurity: part of Huawei’s DNA

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Sophie Batas

Sophie Batas

Director for Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, Huawei

The Huawei Europe Cybersecurity Centre in Brussels opens its doors on 5 March to representatives of EU institutions, MEPs, governments, technology partners, customers, journalists and other stakeholders who want to get to know the company and its products better.

Huawei is a great contributor to Europe. The more the public debates our role, the clearer it becomes that Huawei’s contribution to the digital transformation of Europe is of the highest importance and that Huawei is part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

Cybersecurity is a top priority for Huawei

Cybersecurity is a big concern for our customers, and it is equally a top priority for Huawei. As a customer-centric organisation, we build our products and solutions according to customers’ requirements and tailor our products to their specific needs. 

In our equipment, cybersecurity is implemented by design right from the start.

Some interesting facts:
1. 70 % of the components in Huawei products don’t come from mainland China. This really opens the question of what is a European, US or Chinese product.
2. In over 30 years of operations, Huawei has probably been the most scrutinised of all companies. We work with most operators in Europe. They test our equipment and the company still enjoys their trust. As the company has explained, its commitment to cybersecurity will never be outweighed by the consideration of commercial interests. I know that Huawei would never allow backdoor access compromising the security and privacy regulation of any country.

We live in an era of truly breath-taking technological development. An industrial revolution is occurring in the form of new lightning-fast mobile communications – the 5G generation – and the massive new possibilities thanks to worldwide development of Artificial Intelligence in computing and automation, and the onset of the Internet of Things era where most communications will be between machines and sensors.

Unique centre in Brussels

The Huawei Europe Cybersecurity Centre at 9 Rue Guimard in Brussels, which opens on 5 March, shows our commitment to transparency as the emergence of 5G, AI and IoT is in full swing.

The new centre will have a Ground Floor hosting an experience centre: exhibition space, screens, demos, presentations about our processes and solutions. Here we will talk technology, but also strategy and how we comply with standards and regulations, in an effort to improve understanding among those who want to examine what we do. 

The 1st floor hosts the offices of people working in the centre, and provides an opportunity for stakeholders to test our products and examine our source code for safety, privacy and data protection purposes.

Openness, transparency and cooperation

Cybersecurity is about technology, standards and processes. All three combined. 

In the first phase of the implementation of the centre, we will be focusing on Transparency: explaining Huawei products and solutions and how we build in security and privacy by design. In the coming months, we hope the centre will become a place for greater public-private cooperation.
What we want to demonstrate in the centre is the true nature of Huawei’s openness, transparency and cooperation. By opening the Huawei Europe Cybersecurity Centre, we seek even closer cooperation with local decision-makers, standardisation bodies, customers and experts. For us, the Huawei Europe Cybersecurity Centre is yet another sign that Huawei can be trusted from top to bottom and inside out - a genuine, faithful partner in the European ICT ecosystem.