Yubin Cui

Senior Public Relations Manager

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Yubin Cui

Mr Yubin CUI serves as a Senior Public Relations Manager at Huawei PACD Brussels Office, where he manages the social media affairs of the Huawei Brussels office, content production and internal coordination for Huawei EU affairs.

He has a rich experience in social media operations, media relationships and EU-related affairs since he was appointed to the current position in December 2018.

Previously, he worked as a Senior Industry Representative in the Huawei Enterprise Group and subsequently as a Senior Public Relations Manager in the Huawei Corporate Communication Department. He joined Huawei in December 2016.

He has worked in the H3C Group as a Director of Shandong Province in China after his graduation in 2005. He joined China Mobile as a Senior Account Manager in June 2013.

He holds a Bachelor in Engineering at Zhejiang University and a Master in Public Administration at Peking University.