Erdal Arıkan

Inventor of Polar Code for 5G

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Erdal Arıkan

Erdal Arıkan (born 1958) is a Turkish professor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. In 2013, Arıkan received the IEEE W.R.G. Baker Award for his contributions to information theory, particularly for his development of polar coding. In December 2017 he was honored with the 2018 Richard W. Hamming Medal. In June 2018, he received the Shannon Award.
Huawei presented Arıkan with a special award in July 2018, recognizing "his outstanding contribution to the development of communications technology." The medal symbolises the importance of new communications technology in leading the world forward. "As engineers," Arıkan said in his acceptance speech, "there is no greater reward than seeing our ideas turn into reality."