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Dr Ömer Bulakçı

Dr Ömer Bulakçı

Senior Research Engineer at Huawei GRC


Dr Ömer Bulakçı is a Senior Research Engineer at Huawei GRC and Vice-chairman of the 5GPPP Architecture Working Group. He is also leading the work package on overall architecture in 5G-MoNArch. He received the degrees of B.Sc. (METU, Turkey, 2006), M.Sc. (TUM, Germany, 2008), and doctorate (Aalto University, Finland, 2013). He worked at Nokia Siemens Networks, Germany on LTE-A relaying (2009-2012). He contributed to METIS and METIS-II, and led RAN synchronous control plane design. He is the author/co-author of 80+ publications including patents and book editorship. His research interests comprise network slicing, dynamic network topology, and system design and performance analysis of 5G networks.