October 2013
  • Huawei Media Days
  • Towards Big Data research hub in the UK
  • New Enterprise Exhibition Centre
  • Broadband World Forum
  • International Cyber Security Congress
  • Huawei’s network vision for the future
  • Entrepreneurship Summer School
July 2013
  • InnoApps
  • Catch me if you can
  • Sino-European ICT dialogue
  • Spectrum for HetNets
  • Huawei facilitates EU-China ICT dialogue
  • Huawei – a driving force in developing 5G wireless technologies
June 2013
  • Innovating for a Wireless Future
  • EU-Asia Trade Conference
  • White Paper: Exploiting the full spectrum of possibilities
  • Protecting networks to fight cyber threats
  • Going the extra mile to bridge the digital divide