October 2018
uawei announces AI strategyHuawei announces AI strategy
  • Huawei announces AI strategy
  • Protecting EU against cyber threats
  • 5G Truck comes to Brussels
  • Huawei teams up with Fraunhofer
  • New technologies will cut costs
  • Industry's first 5G power solution
September 2018
  • The digital Big Bang
  • Digitalisation & Work
  • From Kinshasa to Malaysia to Brussels
  • Powering smart grids
  • Broadband for all
  • 5G for connected cars
  • Duisburg mayor visits Huawei HQ
July 2018
The strategic partnership between Audi and Huawei was announced on the occasion of the meeting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on 9 July in Berlin.

•      Huawei & Audi connected car deal
•      Sustainability Report
•      European ICT talent trains in China
•      Powering the Roskilde music festival
•      Huawei-Paris Opera digital platform
•      Generation ‘Solar’
•      Digitalisation & Work event
•      #CityRenaissance photo exhibition
•      Ultra-fast AI
•      A look inside Shenzhen HQ