December 2018
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  • European leadership in AI
  • Huawei students visit Brussels
  • Security innovation lab for Bonn
  • US 5G programme may suffer from ban
  • Being vs feeling secure
  • C-V2X the solution for Europe
  • How to engineer more sustainably
October 2018
uawei announces AI strategyHuawei announces AI strategy
  • Huawei announces AI strategy
  • Protecting EU against cyber threats
  • 5G Truck comes to Brussels
  • Huawei teams up with Fraunhofer
  • New technologies will cut costs
  • Industry's first 5G power solution
September 2018
  • The digital Big Bang
  • Digitalisation & Work
  • From Kinshasa to Malaysia to Brussels
  • Powering smart grids
  • Broadband for all
  • 5G for connected cars
  • Duisburg mayor visits Huawei HQ