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US dispute with Huawei will damage ARM, says UK company’s founder

Hermann Hauser, who founded the British technology company ARM, says US restrictions preventing the company supplying Huawei with chips for smartphones, will be “incredibly damaging” to ARM’s business.

Mr Hauser was speaking in an interview published in the Mail on Sunday newspaper on 2 June. ARM’s chips are also used in other Huawei products, such as data centre servers. It is affected by US restrictions because a number of components used in its chips are designed in the US.

“In the long term it's going to be incredibly damaging for Arm and Google and the American industry,” he told the Mail on Sunday.
“Every single supplier in the world will start thinking of how to reduce the threat of their production being terminated by an American president.

“All the discussions I have with companies in Europe at the moment are about them going through their intellectual property portfolio and designing American intellectual property out, which is terribly sad and destructive.”