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Key recommendations for government on 5G

Addressing the impact on competition and security

An EY Law report published on 21 September 2020 sets outs recommendations for evaluating the impact of recent government action affecting 5G network equipment suppliers in the EU.

The report, produced on behalf of Huawei, also sets out concrete proposals for mitigating the effects of these actions on competition and cybersecurity.

While the report’s geographic scope is the European Union, it takes into account the extent to which the situation in the EU is affected by the laws of the United States.

Using the methodology applied by the European Commission for impact assessment reports, EY’s report sets out three key recommendations:

  • Encouraging a deeper review of the situation to assess whether focused measures might be better suited than blanket bans to achieve policy objectives and mitigate negative knock-on effects.
  • Encouraging an antitrust investigation to determine the consequences of the government measures and ultimately reduce anticompetitive outcomes.
  • Encouraging the use of 5G network technologies as a test case in relation to the Cybersecurity Act, allowing for a focus on the technical aspects of cybersecurity and facilitating a level playing field across the EU while also informing other countries in this regard.
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