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In Europe, for Sustainable Europe

By Tony Jin, Chief Representative to the European Institutions, HUAWEI

 “In 2000, Huawei went global. It was a slow start, with only 1 % of revenue coming from outside China. However, it changed the course of our company’s history.” Twenty-one years ago, little did we know what role the ICT industry could play in helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But we worked closely with our partners and paved the way for sustainability.

On the occasion of the European Sustainable Development Week 2021, we wish to reaffirm our commitment to Europe and the Europeans, and to work together, to achieve an inclusive, fully connected, and sustainable Europe.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have given all a new impetus to global efforts for achieving sustainable development. We realize our part in the process and responsibly participate in accelerating green and just digital transition. 

As the SDGs call on all businesses to apply innovation to solve sustainable development challenges, we consider them as an opportunity to advance solutions and technologies that can help the EU achieve sustainability targets as set out by the EU Green Deal and the Digital Compass. 

The digital revolution is shaping our present and preparing us for the future. The world is so interconnected that the changes occurring on one side are likely to have a ripple effect on others. Production and consumption systems in Europe are not isolated from each other or from the rest of the world. Instead, they are influenced by multiple drivers of change, be global, international, foreseeable, unexpected, social, economic, technological, and environmental.

The current socio-economic and political context has potential implications for the ability of Europe to meet its environmental and sustainability goals. And while the EU is at the forefront of social development, environmental development seems more challenging. As highlighted by the European Commission some challenges may threaten climate ambitions: the circular economy gap, the transition to clean and low-carbon energies, and the transition to a fairer society.

Our vision to “Connect the Future” translates into ICT products and services that bridge the digital divide, support network stability and security, as well as make the world greener, and hence facilitate economic and social progress. We are in Europe to create jobs, progress in a way that leaves no one behind, and offering equal opportunities to all.

So, what tools can we offer to turn challenges into opportunities and guarantee sustainable development in the EU?

Bridging the circularity gap requires intervention across all pillars of society and action in nations, sectors, supply chains and cities. Our direct contribution to responsible production and consumption is recognizable in our devices' lifecycle. Our designs minimize energy consumption and carbon emission. We select environmentally friendly raw materials such as bioplastic and soy ink and use green packaging. We have also built a global recycling program, which processed more than 4,500 tons of smart device e-waste by the end of 2020 [Huawei Sustainability Report 2020].

We further strive to build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. To give an example, our cloud computing and big data solutions support the affordability and efficiency of digital transformation. For instance, for upgrading power grid or supply chain management, or monitoring earthquakes. This consequently makes cities safer and more sustainable, especially when our systems can support and provide mobile money solutions for areas where banking services are unavailable.

Our data center switches and enterprise networks can bring ICT benefits to companies and communities alike. We want to enable sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and full and productive employment. We have just joined REInA (Rural European Innovation Area), a pan-European open platform that will gather innovative initiatives for a new Rural European Innovation Area. Challenges in rural networks, public safety, health care, transportation, retail logistics, and education can thus be addressed. We can help you bring fast broadband services to rural areas, cutting access costs, increasing network coverage, and enabling distance education, for quality education and lifelong learning opportunities

We are in Europe, for Europe. We proudly count on a great local talent that can deliver on our digital and green promises. We want to proactively fulfill our social responsibility as a strong contributor and corporate citizen in all local communities in which our company operates. Via collaboration with all sectors of society, we seek to promote socio-economic growth and improve the environment by leveraging our ICT expertise to roll out social contribution projects. We are in Europe, for a Sustainable Europe.

This article is part of a series of articles published on the occasion of the European Sustainable Development Week 2021.