Huawei: “Compared to the United States, we are ants”

11 April 2019

Brussels, 11 April 2019 

As the world is embracing artificial intelligence and 5G, Huawei is delivering the tools to help Europe take the lead and to ensure these technologies can be trusted. During a briefing session held at the company’s new Cyber Security Transparency Centre today, Huawei experts explained how the company is using its expertise to speed up deployment while raising the bar for security standards.

Responding to the US pressure campaign launched against Huawei, Sophie Batas, Director for Cybersecurity and Data Privacy at Huawei’s Brussels Office, said: “Compared to the United States, we are ants. But ants can carry 1,000 times their own weight.”
She explained that the company drew strength from its dedicated workforce as well as from its focus on customers’ needs. 

Reacting to the accusations, she highlighted again that Huawei would never allow backdoor access compromising the security and privacy regulation of any country.

Looking ahead, she explained that transparency and open exchanges formed an important part of achieving technological progress by enabling trust-based cooperation.

The opening of Huawei’s Cyber Security Transparency Centre in Brussels last month was a major step in this process.

Driverless cars and immersive vertical reality are just a few examples of technologies enabled through 5G. Held against the backdrop of the EU-China Summit (9 April) where leaders highlighted their joint commitment to 5G for future development and to a secure cyberspace, Huawei’s ‘DigitALL talk on 5G, Cybersecurity & AI’ shone a spotlight on the company’s contribution to meeting this challenge and helping Europeans enjoy cutting-edge innovation, putting in place a safe environment where it can thrive.

“5G will be a major game-changer for economies across Europe. In terms of 5G knowledge and experience, Huawei is 12 months ahead of its competitors: that makes us a partner of choice for carriers,” said Anastasios Bikos, 5G Cybersecurity Architect at Huawei. He explained that Huawei is an active contributor to 5G standardisation, working with leading organisations such as 3GPP and ETSI.

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