The Digital Transformation of Europe

How the Internet of Things, 5G and Artificial Intelligence will change Europe

Brussels, Concert Noble, 24 November 2017

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Rue d'Arlon 82
1000 Brussels

Huawei’s Second European Academic Conference

With the advent of 5G services in 2020, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence will develop at a great pace, potentially delivering widespread socioeconomic benefits in Europe and beyond. With digital technologies evolving so fast, now is the time for policymakers, academics, business leaders and other stakeholders to come together to determine how to harness this highly potent technology for the greater good.

In the next 20 to 30 years, the world will become ever smarter. Exploration will continue to drive us forward. To pave the way for this better connected, intelligent world, we need to stride forth into uncharted territory and collaborate more openly.

Europe is home to many world-class universities and research institutes, and Huawei is dedicated to enhancing its innovation cooperation with them in order to drive the development of the ICT industry. Every year, we reinvest 10% to 15% of our annual revenue in research & development.

The Conference, which we are organising with Science I Business, will bring together top-level representatives from universities, research labs, private companies and public authorities to chart the road ahead together.

Agenda overview

09:00           How Europe can drive digital transformation

09:40           Why AI is advancing so fast and what comes next

10:00           Case studies from the cutting edge

11:20           The next industrial revolution

11.50           The way ahead: How will new digital technologies change everyday life?

12:50           Concluding remarks

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