15 November 2017
Italian ‘Seeds for the Future’ participant and now Huawei employee Alessandro Gattolin recounts his once-in-a-lifetime experience in China
14 November 2017
Dutch students praise the Seeds for the Future training they received in China this summer
9 November 2017
Tomorrow’s workplace will not be run by machines, but by highly-skilled workers assisted by intelligent devices. Academia and business must join forces now to get them ready
8 November 2017
Swedish student Antonia Daderman says a better connected world requires graduates with many different degrees
2 November 2017
If countries worldwide are to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, they will need contributions from stakeholders in every walk of life, not least the information and communications technology sector.
17 October 2017
Huawei is helping to deploy state-of-the-art ICT networks in the country