The value in building strong partnerships

26 October 2016

Society is at a time of rapid change. Twenty years ago, the phones we used were almost always still plugged into a wall. From that, we went to the mobile, then on to the smartphone and social networks. So what will happen over the next 20 years? What will we see?

Well, we have a good idea of the emerging markets in this respect, as the dawn of the 5G era approaches and connection speeds accelerate upwards. The connected car, for example, will need to operate off a response time of one millisecond as the Internet of Things gathers pace. By 2025, there will be some 100 billion connections, 90 billion between machines, only 10 billion between people. Data will need to be whizzing around at at least 10 Gigabytes per second if Augmented and Virtual Reality are to be supported. As Brian Tracy, the personal development guru, put it: “In a time of rapid change, standing still is the most dangerous course of action.”

Huawei’s position is simple. The key to our development is building strong partnerships with like-minded innovative companies in an open ecosystem. Take the cloud. I think it is safe to say we are now in Cloud 2.0, where enterprises are the main players. Indeed, by 2025, all enterprises – and 85% of their applications – will be in the cloud. Huawei’s Cloud 2.0 strategy is: to be an enabler and driver of the intelligent, cloud-based world; to stay customer-centric; to focus on infrastructure and provide innovative cloud technology; to be the preferred partner of enterprises, and; to contribute to an open and collaborative ecosystem based on the sharing of success.

Win-Win ecosystem based on sharing success

So how do we build this Win-Win ecosystem? We believe there are three components. The first is that a big pie is better than a bigger piece of a shrinking pie. Secondly, although we have been living in an increasingly competitive world, this is about to change: managing cooperation is going to be more important than managing competition, and; what is good for Europe will be good for the world, so innovators and solution providers in Europe should be eyeing the world together (joint innovation in the EU to expand business to global markets).

We at Huawei have come to realise that, together with our partners, we are really responsible for creating the IoT market and all its diverse sectors. We are making a huge pie with utilities companies (water, gas, electricity, waste management, etc.), in smart cities (from smart parking to smart lighting, for example), track and trace applications (finding our lost pets, bicycles, etc.) and all manner of uses for agriculture and the environment. The list goes on.

Supporting developers with open innovation initiatives

This is why we came up with our European Developer Enablement Plan, launched at Huawei eco-Connect 2016 in Paris in October: to create a more collaborative and prosperous ICT ecosystem in Europe. The plan includes three platforms: an ICT Expertise platform, a co-development platform and a co-marketing platform, and will support thousands of European developers, providing them with Huawei’s software development tools and capabilities, as well as offering marketing opportunities.

We also plan to invest over 75 million euros before 2020 in establishing another three Openlabs in the UK, Germany and Italy to support up to 100,000 developers and launch remote labs in Munich, Frankfurt and Dublin to give them closer access to yet more joint innovation facilities.

Open cloud ecosystems need to be developed in three areas: for telecom operators, for vertical industries and for consumers.

The Telecom Cloud Ecosystem will enable operators to provide better cloud services and enable ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to migrate cloud applications efficiently. In this respect, we are actively looking for partners in System Integration and consulting, developing tools, and business and infrastructure software.

The value proposition in the Vertical Industry Cloud Ecosystem is to match Huawei’s ICT expertise with the vertical industry knowledge of our particular partners in the different fields, all in the interest of creating a more intelligent world, in domains as diverse as transportation, energy, banking and manufacturing.

Meanwhile, in the Consumer Cloud Ecosystem, it is to provide the best experience for users – whether that be in terms of personalised content such as news, music and video, personal cloud storage or gaming app stores – while at the same time guaranteeing access for a billion users.

Ever closer cooperation with partners

The beauty of spring is not just about the beauty of a single flower; it is about thousands of flowers in full bloom.

For the past 10 years, we have been striving to create value for our customers in Europe, while in the next 10 years, in the era of the cloud, we expect much closer cooperation with partners to accelerate ICT developments in Europe and to enable European customers to achieve more business success. Together we can shape the future.