A strategic partner for Portugal

20 April 2017

Huawei is building a long-term relationship with industry partners and public authorities in Portugal, investing in innovation and digital transformation locally.

Since Huawei brought its business to Portugal in 2004, the total number of employees in the country has grown continuously to reach around 120 staff, more than 80 % of whom were hired locally. The local headquarters were established in Lisbon.

A lot has been achieved in this short time span. Here’s an overview of some of the key highlights from these years of collaboration and innovation.

The journey so far

Driven by a commitment to sound operations, innovation and open collaboration, Huawei has established a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions for Portugal.

Huawei collaborates with all major operators and companies in the country, covering more than 8 million subscribers. The company delivers 2G, 3G, 4G and 4.5G mobile network services to the main telecom operators, providing fibre to the home and inter-land submarine cable from the continent to the Açores Islands, and creating IT solutions such as servers and storage, as well as IP and transmission solutions to the core network of national operators.

Huawei’s Enterprise Business Group is committed to creating a robust local and global partner ecosystem supporting long-term growth for this market in Portugal through the development of collaborations with key channel partners.

Through leading new ICT, Huawei is building a better connected Portugal together with local partners and with the national business ecosystem.

Looking ahead, the company aims to continue the fruitful collaboration with its business partners and to work on joint 5G and IoT business solutions in and for Portugal.

Timeline of key events


  • In January, Huawei sponsors the high-profile Industry 4.0 event organised by the Portuguese government. The event is attended by more than 100 companies, universities and institutions, as well as by the Portuguese President and the Minister of the Economy.

Chris Liu, General Manager of Huawei Portugal, explains Huawei’s strategy and projects with local firms to boost the IoT to António Costa, the Prime Minister of Portugal, during the Industry 4.0 event in January 2017.

  • The Portuguese Government aims to position the country among the frontrunners of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IoT and Manufacturing). In order to leverage digital transformation in Portugal, a Strategic Committee for Industry 4.0 is created. Huawei is chosen to represent the ICT market, highlighting the outstanding reputation that the company has achieved in Portugal.


  • In 2016, Huawei reaches a leading position in Portugal, obtaining a 20 % consumer market share. The same year, it opens a Huawei Retail Store as a direct interface with consumers – one of the first in Europe.
  • On 15 December, the first Huawei Innovation and Experience Centre is inaugurated by Guo Ping, Huawei Rotating CEO, and Manuel Caldeira Cabral, Portuguese Minister of the Economy. The centre will lay the groundwork for revolutionising the local ICT sector and will showcase innovative products and solutions aimed at telcos, businesses and consumers.