27 June 2017
Europe is well positioned to lead digital transformation and maintain its competitive edge in global industry and innovation.
20 June 2017
Support for talented young people is at the heart of Huawei’s activities in Austria.
7 June 2017
Europe has all the ingredients for a smooth transition towards the connected age – now it needs to get the mixture right
16 May 2017
Huawei has built a strong position in the Dutch ICT market, connecting more than 10 million people in the Netherlands today.
8 May 2017
Every additional euro invested in ICT Infrastructure could bring a fivefold return in GDP by 2025. These enabling technologies are the winning combination for economic growth anywhere in the world.
25 April 2017
Big Data and connected devices enable us to detect risks, prevent incidents and intervene faster when something happens. Here’s how it works.